Rubicon DX08 Foldable Electric Wheelchair

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The Rubicon DX08 is a powerful and rugged electric wheelchair with dual motors that can handle any terrain with ease. It has a user-friendly design that allows it to be used in both electric and manual modes, with adjustable joystick positioning and multiple storage options. The wheelchair has a long-range lithium-ion battery that can travel up to 13 miles and can be charged off-vehicle. Despite its heavy-duty capabilities, the Rubicon DX08 is lightweight and compact, folding up easily for transportation. It has a small turning radius and excellent steering, making it suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The wheelchair comes with a one-year warranty for the frame, motor and joystick controller, and a six-month warranty for the battery. Overall, the Rubicon DX08 is a versatile and reliable power chair suitable for all terrains.
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Rubicon DX08 Foldable Electric Wheelchair

Product Desctription - Rubicon DX08 - All Terrain Foldable Electric Wheelchair for Adults with Long Range and Portability

Rubicon Mobility is a US-based company committed to offering the best mobility products with excellent US service provided. The Rubicon DX08 is the next-generation, first-class deluxe and foldable electric power wheelchair. It features manual/electric dual-mode switching, a 360-degree intelligent controller, and an electromagnetic brake system that stops immediately for safety.

The expertly designed frame of the Rubicon DX08 is crafted for comfortable riding, supporting users up to 330 pounds. It meets and exceeds the growing demands and expectations of users who cherish independence, mobility, and comfort. The wheelchair is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, navigating through tight spaces with an excellent turning radius, and equipped with 8" front and 12.5" rear wheels for off-paved surfaces.

The Rubicon DX08 weighs around 64 lbs (without the battery) and has a weight capacity of 330 lbs. It has a travel speed of 4 MPH (adjustable) and can travel up to 12 miles with a climbing slope of 12° Max. The battery is a super lithium-ion LiFePO4 type with a capacity of 24V 12AH and a voltage output of DC 24V. The detachable battery has off-board charging capability.

The Rubicon DX08 is powered by 250W*2 motors with a motor voltage of DC 24V, and the controller power is AC 100-220V, 50-60Hz. The voltage output current is DC 24V, 2A, and the battery charging time is 6-8 hours. The turning radius is 33", and the ground clearance is 3.7". The dimensions of the box are 30" x 18" x 33".


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